out at mita’s + goose & elder

Made a point last weekend to hit both of José Salazar’s other two restaurants, neither of which I had actually been too, which is a wildly embarrassing shame.

Again, I don’t know how it happened, but I somehow just never made it down to Mita’s. Every person I know and love has been there, but again, not me. Luckily though, this all changed in one fell swoop as we had a late dinner there with friends on Saturday night, and then followed it up with an early brunch at Goose & Elder at Findlay Market to finish out the Chef José trifecta.

Dinner at Mita’s was incredibly nice. While we did dine indoors, we felt perfectly comfortable given the incredibly high ceilings and spaced out seating, all of which curved along and throughout the impressive space. We went through the routine temperature and health check and moved about with our masks on. The staff was accommodating and inviting and all around, we were at complete ease.

Furthermore, we ordered to our heart’s content, while also respecting the Governor’s new orders of no service after 10. Even with that, we had plenty of time go all in on the paella and ceviche de camarones, as well as orders of garbanzos crujiente and aceitunas aliñadas, pimientos de shishitos and tostones y guacamole. Tapas is sincerely my favorite way to dine because I am all about sharing bites of many, versus having one big meal on my own, and with that, Mita’s hit the absolute spot. I was super impressed and sorry I had not been before.

After spending the few evening hours with good company and even better food, we walked the handful of blocks down to the new Lytle Park Hotel for the our night’s stay, which was definitely amazing (post to come). After a huge night’s sleep, it was up and at ’em the next morning for brunch at Goose & Elder.

Goose & Elder, the newest of Chef Salazar’s restaurants, is located on a corner block across from Findlay Market. Here, we were able to sit outside in some of the blocked off street area spacing and just take in the warmth and buzz of the market morning.

We started with the watermelon, which was simply watermelon, salt, chili, and lime. Kenny’s exact words were “if it’s just ‘watermelon’ on the menu, you know it has to be good” and he was exactly right. In fact, after brunch, we walked across to Findlay, picked up a watermelon and spice, and have been eating the combo with dinner every night since. Highly recommend.

After that, I went with the avocado toast, which was a mountainous heap of avo, egg, spinach, and sunflower seeds. However the best part was the jalapeño jelly, which gave it the perfect sweet kick.

Kenny ordered the cubano sandwich, which might sound like a bold move at 10:30am, but after the big fat weekend we had (as seen on Instastories) it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I too took a bite and then asked for another (and then another) because it was that good. Can’t go wrong with this one, no matter what time it is.

All in all, these two meals out really hit the spot. This was only our third time downtown since March so to be able to get into two different spots that I had yet to try felt like a very worthwhile trip and treat. As discussed and shared before, I am a big fan and supporter of José Salazar, as one of our preeminent Colombian chefs and voices, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy and support Salazar, Mita’s, and Goose & Elder as often as possible.

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