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Reality is WrongI’m keeping things thematic this week by bringing you another amazing Mexican discovery.

Taking the lead of the dear Lauren Shacklette, a few of us convened at Mazunte on Madison Road for some easy and casual dining. I will say, this spot was not what we were expecting, and we weren’t sure if it was what we wanted, but we were all glad we stayed. Initially we were in the mood for a sit down restaurant, a place where we could order drinks, take our time, be served, yadda yadda, and this isn’t that kind of joint. This is a order at a register, pour yourself some sangria from a pitcher, and wait a handful of minutes for your food to be ready kind of joint. But in the name of all things delicious and authentic, this place kills it.

The majority of us went with the tacos and no one was dissatisfied. I myself went with three fish tacos, two grilled and one fried, because I was trying to be semi-conscious of what I was eating. Guess which one was more delicious than the rest? Exactly. Kenny went with the enchilada and was borderline speechless. I had a bite and can confirm it was unreal.

In the end, everything from the guac to the queso to the chips to the rice and flower water samples (must try) was amazing. For being a “fast food” joint, this place is on another level. I can’t remember who told me this but apparently Mazunte is like the number one most popular thing on Urban Spoon right now and I totally get it. In fact, we stayed way past closing and were chatting up that their next move should be to open a chic service-style spot downtown and just keep doing what they’re doing. That place would kill it and would make our snobby appetite-moods happy.

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  • Reply Anne August 1, 2014 at 1:44 am

    We love Mazunte! You’re right that it’s not the ideal place for a dining experience, but it is excellent for an eating one… we’ve tried all the kinds of tacos now (especially love the fish, veggie, and beef) and are tempted to branch out to some of the other good looking stuff on the menu, but it’s hard when the tacos are so good…

    • Reply outandoutfit August 1, 2014 at 2:41 am

      I totally hear you. My motto is often, why mess with success, but can understand the need to branch out when everything, and I mean everything, is delicious.

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