out at locoba by platform beer co

For the record, Platform is my favorite beer. Also for the record, brunch is my favorite meal to dine out for. So when those two worlds collide, you know I’m rounding up my troops and getting down there.

Kenny and I and the kids had ourselves a nice little Sunday Funday last weekend, and we started our excursion at LOCOBA by Platform Beer Co. For those unfamiliar, Platform is a brewery out of Cleveland which about a year ago, opened a new tasting room concept on the corner of 12th and Main in OTR. This spot is both your typical brewery tasting room, while also being a place that doubles as LOCOBA, a breakfast / brunch / lunch / coffee specialty joint.

It was there on Sunday morning where we were able to treat ourselves to brunch cocktails (mimosa for me, nitro coffee for Ken) and near-full brunch menu for both us and the kids. We all found something we were into, while kicking back in the wide-open and windowed space, filled with neutral woods and whites and hanging indoor plants galore. Put those things together and it was ultimately the perfect little hang.

Kenny and I of course shared, but I technically ordered the Cleveland Egg Sandwich, which was a souffle egg with bacon, house aioli, cheddar, and arugula, served on a generous cut of 16 Bricks ciabatta. This one was solid, a tad messy, but ultimately devoured between Kenny, myself, and Louise, who insists on a bite of whatever we’re eating no.matter.what.

Kenny technically ordered the Lox Bagel, which I would definitely say was the better of the two. The smoked salmon was particularly lovely and delicate, the red onion, shaved radish, dill, and capers were all perfectly proportioned, and pairing that all with an everything Bagelry bagel totally made for a home run in my opinion. Would go back and order this one again for sure.

Keeping in bagel theme, we order the kids two regular and plain bagels straight up, which on paper might seems boring, but in the end these two were the first taken down and polished off the plate, and I think that’s all you need to know. Simple, straightforward, and solid can at times be the way to go.

We also ordered some overnight oats and parfaits, both being hits among the crowd. And true-to-form, Weezie tried to go for it headfirst because there really is no stopping her.

In the end, this was a casual, simple, easy, and chill little brunch to have with our little family at one of our favorite little spots. Such a win, all the way around.

Thanks Locoba for having us!

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