out at lockbox (21c lexington)

Remember a few weekends ago when I was in Lexington for Keeneland? Well the winning didn’t just happen at the track. That night, we wined and dined at Lexington’s new 21c Museum Hotel restaurant, Lockbox.

Yummy, Yummers, Yumtown USA it was good. Everything I had rose to my emerging food snob standards, so that, coupled with some continued early-birthday celebrating, made me one happy little prom queen.

21 C charcuterieFirst up, the in jars appetizer. I’m coming to learn that if it comes in a jar, I’m probably going to like it. The trio we were treated to included pimento cheese, pepper jam, and chicken liver mousse. Served with house saltines, buttermilk biscuits, and pickled vegetables, each and every variable and variation was as good as you could imagine. The cheese hit the spot, the jam was sweet with heat, and the liver mousse ended up being the one I kept going back for. I highly recommend.

21 C oysterSpeaking of highly recommending, the roasted oysters are a FOR SURE. We ordered a round and then immediately ordered another round. Roasted in garlic butter, chili, and lemon, these bad boys were very badass. (In fact, the picture is just of the shell…the oyster itself didn’t stand a chance.)

21 C ragu and burgerWhen it was time to order entrees, my friend Brittany and I were in the middle of a conversation about our possible interest in being vegetarians. We then promptly turned to the server and ordered the lamb ragu gnocchi and burger to split. Whatever, there’s always Monday.

Both orders were great. The ragu, with green chili, buttermilk, and cornmeal gnocchi, fared on the lighter side, which was a nice little starter entree to nibble on. The burger was classic but conscious. It ate gourmet-y and very much hit the spot. It also didn’t feel heavy or daunting, but again, it was split. Oh and the fries, of course, totally awesome.

Without surprise, this was an awesome treat. Our big day out concluded there, with a spin through their exhibit, and reminded me that I need to visit our 21c / restaurant more often. The whole museum-hotel-restaurant concept is as cool as cool can get and we’re lucky to have our own.

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