out at leon’s fine poultry and oyster shop

Okay, let’s talk Charleston food.

On a slightly overcast day, Kenny, his brother and girlfriend, and Harry and I decided to head into town for some lunch and fun. We were really open to anything but decided to check out Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oyster Shop because the owner is a longtime friend of my longtime friend, Brittany.

The whole thing was a total score. The shop is an old auto body garage and they’ve maintained that aesthetic. The menu specializes in poultry and oysters, which was much to the delight of these diners. And I have to say, the service was some of the nicest and most accommodating I’ve experienced. Having lunch there set the tone for the super fun, let’s keep going, kind of day that we ultimately had.

But let’s talk shop (pun intended).

Leon's oyster menuOf course we ordered oysters. We barreled through a dozen of the Virginia Wilds with extra cocktail sauce, shallot mignonette, and horseradish. The oysters, plus the kegged rosé wine, was beyond satisfying. Tasted like pure vacation.

Leon's oysters Leon's oysterNow along with the oysters, Leon’s is known for chicken. The entire party (except for me) ordered the fried chicken sandwich. I took a bite and can attest it was absolutely ridiculous. The thing about it is that while it is fried, it does not taste super fried. I’d actually use the word light. But it was so tasty because the chicken is brined the day before then fried. It wasn’t even my order and I was still talking about it on the drive home.

Leon's chicken sandwichNow my order was the shrimp roll. The shrimp was chilled and served in a crispy grilled roll with horseradish mayo, celery, herbs, and crushed potato chips on top. It was definitely good, definitely herby, and something I was definitely going to order because I cannot not order shellfish when on vacation. However, the chicken sandwich does smoke this one. So when I return, I’ll return for the chicken.

But better yet was the cucumber side dish. It is their seasonal summer side, so it is on its way out, but it was literally so delicious and definitely asian-influenced. It was heavy on the sesame and sesame oil but I was super into it. I was begging Kenny to take studied bites so he could hopefully recreate it at home.

Leon's shrimp rollAll in all, if you find yourself in Charleston, make the trip to this far end of King Street. It is honestly a super cool, eclectic, and consciously-inspired place to wine, dine, and do some serious hanging out. It’s definitely on the map for me for destination eateries.

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