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With the summer gift that is the ability to grab lunch out, I never pass up the invitation. And when Kenny asked if I wanted to try Lalo Chino Latino, with all its rhyming ring, I was ready and willing in no time.

While I am unsure of what happened, it is clear that Lalo now occupies what was formerly Huit Craft BBQ on Court Street. I was a fan of the space then, and still am now. Of all the kinds of places that I like to go out and frequent for meals, I always love and appreciate the spots that are small, tight, and cozy. Being in a tiny location with no more than six or so tables always makes me feel like I am being let in on a secret, and I just drink up that koolaid.

But now let’s get into the food.

When there are tacos, I order the tacos. I went for the lunch special trio where I could pick three. I chose an al pastor, another pork one, and then a fish. If I were to pit the two pork ones against each other, the pastor wins by a landslide. I particularly liked it because it wasn’t all that hot, which sometimes those kinds can be. I saved the fish for last as I assumed it would be the best, and it was in my opinion because there is nothing I love more than a small, flakey, fish taco with crunchy slaw and a mayo-mix. Please lower one of those into my casket when I too descend into the earth.

We ordered the veggie quesadillas for Harry and they were a hit around the table. With spinach and corn that both upheld their textures, I was sneaking bites of the bite-size cuts Kenny was making for Harry because it was a really dynamite little ‘dilla.

If I want tacos with me in my grave, Kenny wants to be laid there simmering in soup – the man always orders soup. Without surprise, he ordered a bowl of the brisket pozole, which was a brisket and hominy corn stew with ancho chili, cabbage, radish, lime, onions, oregano, and cilantro. I did take a bite and it was hyper-flavorful but there wasn’t much more for me to try as Kenny ensured it disappeared within a matter of minutes.

Kenny then ordered the chicken burrito, which came out smothered in a cheese sauce. For those of you who like it like that, you’ll find yourself in your happy place. Kenny did work at it more from its epicenter, but it too was nearly polished off, like everything else on our table.

So if you are looking for a solid little downtown spot, with some heartfelt, authentic latino cuisine, I think you are going to be a fan of Lalo. I personally look forward to keeping it on my short list when the daily cravings of tacos hits.

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    This looks totally yummy! Even though I’m in Columbus I love reading about the restaurants you guys have in Cinci! I keep them on my list so I know what to try next time I’m in the city!

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