out at knockback nat’s

This one is not for the faint of heart.

This past Sunday, we decided to forgo a chic and tasteful brunch and just belly up at a good old fashion bar for wings and nachos. Because of this, we found ourselves at KnockBack Nat’s, where we not only ran into a number of friendly faces, but where we ordered what should only be reserved for those who think they might not live to see the next morning. So if you are looking to go out in a blaze of glory, go to KnockBack Nat’s and order what we ordered.

KnockBack Nat's pork nachosWe started with the KnockBack Nachos, which was a mammoth portion of tortilla chips, topped with smoked pulled pork, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, bbq and horsey sauces. This ended up being basically my only meal, as I just tried a bite of everything else, but I was not mad about it. I mean, it is hard to mess up nachos and not find every little variety delicious, but these were beyond hearty and flavorful. The chips ultimately withstood the mass of their toppings, so when you have a crunchy bite supporting cheeses and meats, you’ve got yourself a mean nacho platter.

KnockBack Nat's wingsNow, I personally had never heard anything about KnockBacks, but as we walked in, Kenny shared that they are known for their wings. It was quickly decided that we’d get a dozen to try. I like wings, but I also really only like boneless, which basically means I like chicken nuggets. But per the bartender’s recommendation, we ordered the wings plain with two sauces to try on the side. Their wings are special because of their dry rub, so a plain bite is worth the try. I did it all – a plain bite, a plain bite dipped in ranch, and a bite dipped in mild dipped in ranch, and each was better than the next. If you’re a wing fan and appreciate a good rub and smoke, then I recommend a trip and an order just as we had.

KnockBack Nat's dry rub wings KnockBack Nat's burgerThere were four of us total and between the pairs, we ordered two sandwiches. One partnership ordered the burger, while the other ordered the smoked brisket sandwich. The burger not only had all the regular fixins, but also came with pulled pork on top and an epinephrine shot to restart the heart. This one was meaty and messy and that’s all there is to it.

KnockBack Nat's brisket sandwichThe smoked brisket was super serious and frankly much more delicious than the burger. This one was just about the meat done right, with melted cheese and an onion bun. This basket was the only one left free and clear on the table.

We went. We ate. We conquered. One of the bartenders laughed out loud as she continued to drop off food to our table. In fact, as we walked out, sans doggie bags, she literally interrupted her conversation to say she was shocked we didn’t have leftovers. The other bartender then chimed, supporting our impressive showing in finishing everything off. While some might call all that we did rock bottom, I’d call it a point of pride. It was a mighty fine day at KnockBack Nat’s.

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