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Jefferson SocialLast Friday, which was the second official day of summer break, me and my girlfriend Annie were at school for a little bit of last second cleaning and we then had to make a really difficult decision.  What should we eat for lunch?  It took some grueling brain power but we finally came up with an idea.

I don’t know about you, but when in doubt, I can always go for some street tacos.  Small little no-nonsense tacos are my equivalent of a club sandwich.  Like whenever I want something easy and light, it needs to be a taco.  I know Jefferson Social is known for theirs and since I’ve never had my share, it was settled.

While we were there for the tacos, we did start with the guacamole as an appetizer because it should always be ordered if it’s on the menu.  And I’m so glad that we did because it was delicious, especially the chips.  They were super salty and even with my high tolerance salt palate I thought they were up there and they were delicious.

Then per Annie’s advice, I sampled two tacos – the fish and the barbacoa.  While both were killer, one did take the cake.  The fish ones smoked the barbacoa but understandably so.  It is hard to compete with fried fish smothered is spicy remoulade.  I mean, the only thing that could make the barbacoa competitive would be to fry it.  Do that and then we’ll talk.

Jefferson Social guacamole Jefferson Social tacosAnnie dearest is a huge fan of the barbacoa and opted for it as a taco salad.  She wasn’t disappointed either and all in all, we both were sufficiently satisfied.

jefferson Social taco salad Jefferson Social at the BanksI am well versed in Jefferson Social’s late night scene, but lunch was a new endeavor.  But I will definitely be back because it was quite simply delicious.  Totally hit the spot, wasn’t outrageously priced, and had every little thing we were craving.  I’m so glad we thought of this spot as we were mulling over what to do with ourselves for lunch.  I mean, pha-ew, we might have broken a sweat thinking of that one.

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