out at j bar pizzeria

Pizza pie on a patio with cocktail specials and live music? One hundred percent.

Kenny and I checked out J Bar Pizzeria in Hyde Park a few weekends ago and I’ve been talking it up ever since. For one, their patio is perfection. The entire thing is brick laid with two huge trees strung with lights standing anchored in the middle – that alone makes it awesome. And then we were there on a weekend night while a big old bluesy musician played chill music in the corner. Sitting there in the garden iron chairs while drinking four dollar sangria was pretty much heaven.

J Bar friesWe started with the frites, although we made one crucial mistake. We opted not to make them manic, which would have meant adding braised short rib, bourbon cream, and scallions. I didn’t want something so heavy, but I know those additions would have just set the whole thing off. The fries and garlic aioli were very smokey, so alone they were alright, but had we added the short rib, that smoke would have been killer. Next time.

J Bar J pizzaNow we took our time reading over the speciality pizzas before ordering. And I’m not kidding when I say this, I would literally try every last one. Seriously, check out the spread.

We ultimately decided on the J Bar (red sauce, pepperoni, house cheese blend, truffled gremolata, parmesan, and we added banana peppers of course). That’s a pretty classic pizza for the Holochers. Kenny has turned me into a full on BPPep lover (banana pepper pepperoni), so when it exists on the menu plus something truffled, it will be a done deal.

Not surprisingly, the ‘za was awesome. The cheese was very cheesy and definitely stood out as the kind of blend you can’t just get anywhere. The pepperonis were huge and crispy and present in each bite. The rest of the seasonings and parmesan sprinklings made it all feel like a very classic pizza, not one where everything is just melted together for one ooey-gooey bite. And with the crust being on the thinner side, it wasn’t overwhelmingly stuffing. Put that all together and what do you have? One stellar pizza pie.

J Bar pizza sliceAgain, I want to try basically all other specialty pizzas so if anyone is looking for a date on the patio, feel free to give me a call. I’m looking for excuses to go back like twenty times.

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  • Reply Brittany September 15, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    This pizza looks delicious! If you ever make it up to Columbus, you need to grab a slice of pizza from Late Night Slice. Their “Spicy Ass Pepperoni” is incredibly delicious. The main toppings are pepperoni and banana peppers of course! They also add on some red pepper flakes for an extra kick. I think you’ll love it! I’ll be on the look out for this place next time I’m in Cinci!

    Brittany | thechicette.com

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