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A few weekends ago, Kenny and I found ourselves without any particular plans for the entire weekend. That felt like such a treat so we capitalized on it by making reservations with some dear friends at one of our favorite spots in order to check out its new concept.

Harvest, formerly La Poste, was exactly the treat we were going for. I felt overly excited by the menu off the bat because I wanted all the things. Luckily my gal pal Lauren and I were on the same wavelength – everything I wanted, she wanted too – so we went all in and shared the haul.

harvest-p-e-i-mussels harvest-fried-brussels harvest-bakes-goat-cheeseFor staters, the entire table went with the mussels, fried brussels, and baked goat cheese. The mussels were delicious in their white wine and lemony broth, but the brussels were really the winners. These were deep fried with a spiced honey glaze and even though my main course was delicious, I’d still give the award to the brussels. They were so good and a must order when you go.

harvest-wild-mushroom-ravioli harvest-scallop-risottoI then split the mushroom ravioli and scallop risotto with Lauren. We shared with our server that we were just going to split, and she kindly had it split for us, so each of us got our own plate and portion, which is a touch worth noting. While Lauren favored the ravioli, a staple from the La Poste menu, I thought the scallop was unreal. The risotto wasn’t as dense as I expected it to be, which was also nice, and the whole thing just really did me in. I bounced between that and the brussels until both plates were clean.

Harvest is an amazing spot that is worth the trip, just for the location and ambiance alone. It is hard not to feel like dinner is worth the occasion when dining in this space. They also have a brunch menu that looks amazing, so if and when I have a free Sunday (which might not be until 2017), you’ll know where to find me.

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