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I had the rare occasion to sneak away for midweek lunch a few weeks ago and that opportunity took me to Jean-Robert de Cavel’s restaurant, French Crust.

French Crust is located on Elm Street, directly across from Findley Market. It is both quaint and comfortable, filled with bright colors and character. My two girlfriends (sup Preeti and Morgan) and I settled into a little booth-table spot right in the middle and ordered to our heart’s content.

Now what’s a trip to a french cafe without the ordering of croissants? We sprung for two – the pistachio and the chocolate almond – and it was like having dessert before lunch. I assumed I’d like the almond one more, but every time I took a bit of one, it was my favorite. Working on those while sitting back with a cup of coffee was reason enough to already know this place would be awesome.

And while the menu offered both breakfast and lunch options, I opted for the brunch route and ordered the puff pastry, with local goetta, poached egg, hollandaise, and piperade. Even with the meat and peppers, this was just the lightest and the fluffiest. It was the kind of “egg sandwich” I would hope for in a little Parisian cafe like this.

Preeti went the lunch route and ordered the ever-impressive charcuterie club sandwich. This thing was massive (photo true to scale) and she knew full well upon it being placed in front of her that it was a two-fer – half would definitely being heading home to her husband. Now this double-decker was a BLT meet meat board and I believe I can report that she was a fan.

Morgan ordered what was the envy of us all – the lobster quiche of the day. She was generous with her slice by allowing us to try it, and I can attest to the fact that that was a seriously killer piece of quiche. I often forget how much I like quiche, and this alone reminds me I need to seek it out more, and more importantly, seek it out from this very spot.

It was so refreshing to get out and try yet another new spot, especially one of Jean-Robert’s. I am such a fangirl of his that there was a slim chance I wouldn’t be all about this spot. Of course, I am totally smitten. Oui oui!

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