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Fifty West Brewing CompanyThis past Saturday, Fifty West Brewing Company and Heritage Tastings at the Cottage co-hosted the second annual Fifty Fest, a day-long festival featuring eleven local breweries, five eateries, eight different bands, and various other craftsmen and vendors. A few gal pals and I made a day of it and there is literally so much to talk about.

Fifty West PennyNow you cannot go to the host’s house and not start with their specialty. Here I went with some kind of coffee beer and for as dark as it was in color, I thought it drank pretty light. (I’m no brew connoisseur, so that’s really all I’ve got to say about that, but know that I’m just glad I didn’t have what my friend Megan calls a DBI – a Dark Beer Incident – where things get crazy upon the drinking of dark beer. I only drank one so phew, close call.)

Rhinegeist tapsHere I learned for the umpteenth time that I should never order my own beers. I know that I’m not a huge fan of IPAs and what do I do at the Rhinegeist booth? Order an IPA without realizing it until the polite young man had already filled me halfway up, at which point I said oh shoot! and then asked to try it, where I proceed to tell him I’m not crazy about it but fill it up anyway because I’ll drink it. Again, left to my own devices, I never get it right.

But it really wasn’t all bad because I drank the whole thing sooo….

Eli's BBQAnd along with the brew, there were a number of local food vendors dishing up their specialty. I, of course, opted for Eli’s. Always. Just always. Have I mentioned that I could be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for pork? I like pulled pork very very much.

folk bandBut the bands my friends, the bands were where it was at. These guys above, Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle, were amazing. So fun to listen to, so authentic, so just cool. We jammed with them for a while.

sax bandAnd then these guys were playing right outside the Cottage, where we actually spent a good amount of time (here they served wine…) but I never caught their name. However, I love a good saxophone, shoot.

printed dressI also spotted some style that I loved. This printed dress with the longer length in the back was totally worth the stop. Find a few similar styles here, here, and here.

top with cutoutsAnd this bright top with cutouts and statement necklace? Shut it down. Find similar options here and here.

the sweetestThen there was another kind of spotting. I mean, I hope that at some point in all of our lives, we can just hang out, not a care or worry in the world.

sweet little hamThen there was this ham. I mean, I’m pretty sure his cheeks could stand one bite.

cutout shirtAnd I cannot not mention my own girlfriend’s company and style. Above is Anne boldly rocking a shirt with a missing back. She’s the queen of finding and confidently rocking this kind of stuff. I’m so jealous.

fancy with wineAnd Bridgette being classy.

Annie JAnd Annie being adorable.

Annie, Bridgette, Anne, and Katie dutch braidsAnd on one last note, I have to say that it is fairly obvious that this little deustch lassie would definitely have been in love with…

dutch man…this guy. (Photo cred goes all to Anne, who somehow managed to take a picture of Rhinegeist’s Oktoberfest-style mascot as if he’d been superimposed. Brilliant.)

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    Oh, I wish we had made it out to this! Looks great, and we love 50 West.

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