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Who needs a serious brunch this weekend?

This one is not for the faint of heart. This one is one where you know you are going all in on all the things, all the things you think you shouldn’t, but when you do, you know exactly and precisely why.

Last Sunday, me and Kenny and the Grahams (sup Kenny and the Grahams) were treated to brunch at the newly opened Fiery Hen. Fiery Hen is a southern-centric, Nashville-style hot chicken joint nestled right in there on Court Street downtown. The menu is all about dishes made famous in the south, done so in sharp ways that feel rightfully north.

So let’s talk all things hot chicken and fries and cheese and eggs…

We knew we were going for it, so we started with two options as appetizers. The first was the PB&J wings. Not only were these literally the first thing on the menu, they were the first thing I said we were definitely getting. These were roasted wings in a thai peanut sauce, garnished with cilantro and peanuts, and then served with a jalapeño raspberry jam. The best bite was one dunked squarely in the jam. That put the jam in peanut butter and jalapeño raspberry jam. So good.

The second, a quick-fire by the rest of the table, was the hot chicken poutine. This was poutine like you know and love – cheese curds, gravy, chicken, and fries – but with added bonuses like the chopped house pickles and an over-easy egg. It isn’t hard to imagine that this hit the spot and filled the gut in ways that are sinful and satisfying.

We each then went around and identified a main choice entree to both claim and share. Kenny went straight up for the team and chose the tenders. Here we got hand-breaded chicken, served with fries and choice of sauce (choice? chipotle ranch). They were Commodore Caliente-level hot (medium) and hit the spot as any good piece of hot fried chicken could and would.

I then also chose something that felt necessary and staple, and that was the hot chicken biscuit. Here we got a piece of fried chicken (also prepared to medium heat) served with an over-easy egg, house made biscuit, and pimento cheese. This one was definitely a traditionally southern one, and it was also the number one dish for half the party (sup Grahams).

Nicole came in hot like a champ and chose the breakfast burger for us all. This was a “burger” made with a sausage patty, two potato wheels. bacon, over-easy egg, and cheese. Holy heart attack, but holy worth it. Between the two sandwiches we ordered, I’d give the edge to this one. It was dead serious and worth the dead risk.

The last entree was Brian’s smart call, the frittata, which gave us all a nice break from the spicy fried chicken. Here was a little cutie pie made up of spinach and mushrooms, pimento and cheddar, and arugula pesto. We all really liked this one, especially a bite with the pickled onions, so if you are looking for at least one dish made of nature’s defibrillator (vegetables), here’s your call.

In the end, we had ourselves a nice little time, gave ourselves a great base, and used it as an impetus for what turned into a hilarious Sunday Funday. Everything about it was worth the treat, worth the fry, worth the indulge. And while we ordered basically the entire menu, eating and sharing to our hearts’ content, I can tell you I personally didn’t walk out of there feeling ridiculously stuffed, or obnoxiously full, and I think that speaks to the quality of it all, which is all you should ever look for, no matter what you’re choosing. And for that Fiery Hen, you got a good thing going on.

Thanks again Fiery Hen for having us! We definitely had a blast and super appreciate it!

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