out at cwc the restaurant

This is one of those where a lot of very special things came together.

I guess the most succinct version of the story is that my coworker/friend/fellow blogger Mindy had a private birthday dinner at CWC, a Cooking with Caitlin restaurant. The restaurant, which only operates Friday dinner through Sunday brunch, opened itself up on a Thursday night to treat Mindy and her party. With no formal sit down, the night consisted of a parade of eats, served one-by-one, as people mingled and meandered and chatted among friends. There is more to get into but most simply put, it was such a nice time.

However, a more elaborate part of the story is that I have been a secret CWC fan girl for a while now. Years ago, I met Caitlin and her sister Kelly when they were the MCs of the Food and Wine Classic, and from that moment, I have followed along as they’ve expanded from a radio show, to a pop up, to now a brink and mortar restaurant located in Wyoming. Not only do I love what they do as food people, but both Caitlin and Kelly are so wildly special that it is hard not to be hypnotized into a cult follower due to their personalities alone. Again, I met them briefly three years ago at a huge event, yet when I walked in last Thursday night, they immediately recognized me, hugged me, and addressed the fact that they remembered what I was wearing when we met. Cue all the heart and star eye emojis.

And anyone who has ever had a like-encounter with Caitlin or Kelly knows exactly what I am talking about. They remember everyone and truly and utterly treat all like family. There was not a stranger in the house thanks to Kelly addressing and serving each person by name and Caitlin being all smiles behind the counter as she churned out dish after delicious dish. They are a lot like Mindy in their effervescence, so it is no surprise that the night was just joyous and welcoming and fun. It was absolutely awesome and all so so good.

I could go on and on about the food, given that it was as tasty as it was smart, with each dish having at least one little surprise (like chocolate dipped manadarins with ancho chili), but as much as you should make a trip for the food, you should make a trip just to be around Caitlin and Kelly. I’m telling you, whether you go for a weekend dinner or brunch, know that you’ll feel like you are a part of the inner circle in the most homiest and authentic of ways. That feeling alone is why CWC should be at the top of your to do or try list. It is honestly that special.

Check out Mindy’s post if you need more insight, but know I loved being there to celebrate her!

deviled eggs with bacon chutney…a frontrunner as the favorite for me

watermelon with ricotta and jalapeño…

biscuits with carrot relish…


fried chicken…

donuts with a banana…second fav

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  • Reply Mindy Trujillo May 8, 2018 at 10:16 am

    I love this post so much! You captured the spirit so very well. Love!

  • Reply Kelly Trush May 11, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    KATIE!! Omigosh, this is wonnnderful. THANK YOU for all your kind words. I thought getting to be with you — to celebrate Sweet Mindy together — was the treat, but this is the icing. Thank you, friend.
    Already looking forward to the next time. <3

    **Any chance you share your pics? I love all the colors you captured.

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