out at commonwealth bistro

I was getting ready to go into explicit detail as to how this night came to be, but I realized you’ve heard it before.

But in short, one unseasonably warm Saturday a few weekends ago, we found ourselves with a babysitter and no particular plans, which means we called up our buddies, the Raders, and filled our evening hours with good drinks, good bites, and good company.

We ended up on a little tour de Covington, topping it all off with late night reservations at one of my favs – Commonwealth Bistro. I’ve written about their brunch before, and even just referencing it makes my mouth water for the waffle, but I am here to report that their dinner menu is just as crave-worthy.

Dining with the Raders is great because they’re exactly like us – down to share. We all split a couple of rounds of appetizers, and Lauren and I ended up going straight 50/50 on our main course for dinner.

First up was the immediate decision to go straight for the herbed potato gnocchi, with Capriole Farms fondue, Hen of the Woods Mushroom, and butternut squash matignon. We all politely picked at the first dish, and then I kid you not, we ordered two more shareable servings with our dinners. There were only four of us total and we ordered three rounds of gnocchi. It was that good.

With that, we also had the fried oysters. Those are receiving my personal blue ribbon for being the best. I am always a fan of oysters, and when fried to the right crispiness, it is hard not to fall in love. However, the creamy Benedictine spread underneath was my favorite part. I was being overly self-serving with my shares there, as I kept going back for more.

We also ordered the mussels, which were a close second to the oysters for me, but nearly everyone else’s favorite. These little puppies were tasty and fresh, but the real star was the broth. After we polished off every last one, we were taking our forks and trying to scoop up final bites. With salty bits of country ham accenting the sauce, we were in heaven. We then pulled the duh move and requested more bread to savor what was left.

As for dinner, Lauren and I split the country ham wrapped shrimp. This dish was rich and super yummy. Best part? The egg, the egg that ran runny all over the ham, shrimp, and grits. We went right down the middle and not a bite was left in the end.

We also ordered the brussel sprout side, as did Kenny. I actually eat brussel sprouts every day I love them so much. These were caramelized with toasted almond and preserved lemon and were light, bright, and right.

Kenny went all-American with the burger and fries. The burger was a good one, served on a Sixteen Bricks bun, sharp cheddar, a dill pickle, and Duke’s mayo. Kenny reports that it was on the money, as any good burger should be.

Chris went with their signature Kentucky fried rabbit, served with a scratch made biscuit and creamed collard greens. He went back and forth about the decision initally, but I think it ultimately proved to be a good one. He too polished the dish off properly.

Now I have been singing Commonwealth Bistro’s praises to anyone who will listen, and getting a chance to dine in for dinner with friends only reaffirmed that it is a great little spot in the heart of Covington. You know I’ll be heading back for the brunch as soon as I can, but if anyone is looking for a date for dinner there, you know who to call.

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