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December has been the month of dinner-dates (as it always is (as life always is)), and yet there is nothing I love more than having the excuse of the holidays to make time to get together with the ones I love.

It was for such an occasion that my girlfriend Lauren and I took a Wednesday night off to grab dinner and drinks at Bravo Cucina Italiana, located in Rookwood.  I was approached by the folks from Bravo to come in and try their Gathering and Savoring Two-Course menu, and upon that invitation, I knew there was no one I’d rather gather and savor with than Lauren.

As we settled into a cozy booth in the heart of big dining room, we indulged in glasses of wine and good conversation, while also both starting with a bowl of lobster bisque, one of three soup options off the specialty menu. The bisque was as creamy and rich as you can imagine, and in my opinion, it is pretty hard to be disappointed with a cream-centric soup, so it should come as no surprise that this one hit the arteries spot.

For my entree, I kept in the same vein as my bowl of bisque with the grilled salmon with shrimp risotto. This too was a creamy heaping bowl of salmon and shrimp, with red peppers, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms, all swimming together with green onions and lemon butter. If ever in the market to get your fill with dinner, know that this option will definitely do the trick.

Lauren took a more balanced approach and ordered the chef’s salad with chicken. It was light and bright, crunchy and cold, and felt like a really nice decision to make after the indulgence that was the bisque. Upon finishing, she said she felt full but not stuffed, which is always a smart way to end up. I took a bite and totally got it. While my dish was really good, and it was exactly what I was gunning for as I went into dinner starving, it was nice to see that there are also options like the above that can be there for those who are looking for a more fresh take.

Now even though dinner for me was one rich course after another, I still had room for the crème brulee trio. This was a surprise treat and what a sweet treat it was. The trio included their signature vanilla bean (which was actually my favorite), as well as a peppermint one, and a hot cocoa version. Each one was prettier than the next, and while it was a shame to break into the perfectly positioned platter, I did so and did so ravenously, bouncing from ramekin to ramekin, savoring in each spoonful of sugar. I leave no dessert man behind.  

In the end, it was cool to have the opportunity to share this experience with a friend, and to check out this Bravo location. The space is pretty grand and tastefully Italian, and a spot that I know many people will appreciate visiting, as there is much that Bravo can accommodate and serve. And if nothing else, you can bank on the fact you will not leave feeling hungry, and there is something very satisfying about that.

Thank you so much for having us, Bravo! We had a really nice and cozy time!

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