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Seeing that Milford is my new neighbor, I have started to discover a whole new slew of places to eat. And with that, what better way to be introduced to what Milford has to offer than lunching at Bite.

The spot was actually a recommendation by a coworker for a department lunch and she nailed it for us. Furthermore, from what I understand, Bite is a total staple in the area and I now know why.

What is fun about Bite is that it is simply a little old house that sits back and slightly up on a hill. It was packed at the weekday lunchtime when we were there, which is a testament to its quality and establishment-ness. It’s BYOB which I always love – makes me feel like I am getting away with something I shouldn’t and I dig that.

So after a few Blue Moons that were shared and passed around the table, we ordered and then dug in.

I went in craving a sandwich, so I stuck to that page of the menu. There were many tantalizing salads and entrees to entertain, but I stayed focused as to not get distracted. As I honed in, it took all of two seconds before I came across the salmon burger and was immediately sold. Served with spinach, cucumbers, and a vodka dill creme fraiche, the whole thing ate light and fresh. The salmon remained flakey and not dry, and the cucumbers added the perfect refreshing crunch. All together, it totally hit the spot.

And even though I cleaned my plate (and the side of fries that I was generously dipping into the house-made ranch), I still made room for dessert. Again, there were a number of yummy options to flirt with, but I settled on the apple crisp, which can only be described as Christmas on a plate. It was heavy on the warmth, crunch, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and scooping all that together with a big baked apple slice and swipe of cold ice cream made for nothing but moans of deliciousness. It was awesome, bottomline.

So while I sipped on some BYOB, ordered one sandwich, side, and dessert, I know this is a spot that I will crave, and now frequent, and I encourage you to do the same.

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