out at bella luna

Bella Luna used to be my favorite restaurant.

Actually, used to be makes it sound like I don’t like it anymore, which is not at all the case. But it used to be a place Kenny and I went to a lot. Like a lot, a lot. We would go there for dates, made group reservation plans, and almost had our rehearsal dinner there. But then we laid off it for a while, and I don’t really know why. But last week when we were looking for date night plans, we decided on Bella Luna and it all came back.

Bella Luna bruscettaThis was a last supper of sorts for Kenny before the triathlon, but I was open for going all out due to being thirty-three weeks pregnant. Why stop now.

So along with the complimentary bread (the housemade foccacia is worth a trip alone), we ordered the Bella Bruschetta. One of Kenny’s main food groups is bruschetta, another is sundried tomatoes, so when combined together with provolone, ricotta, and pesto, it is a no-questions-asked order of his. And no complaints over here. The baguette was super crispy, the cheeses were melted gorgeously, and the tomatoes and pesto played together nicely for a very classic Italian flavor bite. As a starter, it’s a great move.

Bella Luna Caprese saladI then ordered a classic caprese insalata. I didn’t think I wanted or needed a salad, but when I came across it, it just sounded so satisfying and fresh. Tomato and basil with balsamic always hits the spot, and then big, thick slices of mozzarella, especially buffalo mozzarella, makes it more splurge-worthy. And I doubt I’m alone here, but I sometimes just eat the mozzarella alone to enjoy it. You’re nodding along because you do too.

Bella Luna lobster ravioliThen there was the lobster and crab ravioli. I honestly don’t know what happened. I had been taking care of my blog business the entire time, documenting each part before this, but when the entree was served, I must have entered into a frenzied reverie and proceeded to clear my plate in one fell swoop. Seriously. I polished off my dinner and it was only after Kenny asked for the bill that I was like ooooooh shooooot.

But this is a testament to how delicious it is. The lobster and crab ravioli is the one dish that I always, always order. It’s rich and creamy and feels like such a treat, so even though I talked big game about frequenting this spot, I’m one of those who doesn’t mess with success. It’s my absolute favorite. I cannot not order it.

Now the only mistake we did make was not leaving room for the bread pudding. Or maybe our mistake was not powering through for the bread pudding. If you know anything about Bella Luna, you know their bread pudding and are shaking your head at our weakness in not ordering. If you are unfamiliar, then you must make your way there right now. It is pretty ridiculous. It’s like a cakey, saucy, donuty delight. It’s worth every last caloric drop.

All in all, Bella Luna is a classic and I’m glad it is back on my radar.

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