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Ash in Hyde Park menuKenny and I popped into Ash back on this post and knew we’d be back.  And we went back.  We went back last Saturday just us two.  And then back again with friends that following Thursday.  Huge fans.

Ash in Hyde ParkMac Daddy with brussel sproutsThere is plenty to sing about here but it really is about the Mac Daddy burger.  Speaking from three times of experience, it truly is unbeatable.  It’s gourmet with short rib, bacon, arugula, and a truffled egg.  I mean, that combination alone is outrageous, but it is seriously tasty right down to the bun.  The last time we went, four out of the six of us ordered it.  Let’s hear a collective boooo for the Kramers who ordered ribs and the Frenchy burger.  (Although I had a bite of both and each was super delicious.  Can’t lie.)

ashNow the second time we dined we did explore the menu a bit, just to get a sense of what they have to offer.  I (of course) opted for paella.  Chock full of seafood, I was pretty happy, especially with the shrimp.  But bottom line, the burger is just so hard to beat.  I mean it was fine, but when you’ve had the most delicious thing ever created on earth, everything else tastes like drive thru.

ashThe second best thing on the menu is the short rib fries.  Fries with short rib, gravy, ricotta, and mozzarella…I actually just laughed out loud typing that sentence.  Totally worth an extra hunnert murder squats at the Define barre.  I promise to chug some bonus green smoothies to make up for that madness.

ashI can’t recommend this place enough.  Go, forget about diets, and enjoy.

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