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Single night vacations are the best.

Which is precisely why Kenny and I jumped at the chance to buzz down to Louisville for a night to check out Aloft Louisville Downtown. Aloft, which only recently opened in November, is located right on West Main Street, in the heart of Whiskey Row, and it is just a stone’s throw from the KFC Yum! Center. The whole space is vibrantly colorful, open and modern, with elements from the original building incorporated into the design and decor. There is also the conscious inclusion of artwork that reflects the city and its landmarks.

We were treated to a corner room where the same bright and energetic aesthetic was felt, which set the tone for a fun and spunky mood that made us excited to get out there and enjoy our stay. From the pixelated design seen on the window shades and pillows, to the nine-foot tall ceilings, to the spacious walk-around flow of the room, the whole space had a sense of pop and movement that made staying there feel like a real treat.

Aloft Hotel room Aloft Curtain detail Aloft Hotel detail Aloft Hotel details Aloft Hotel Corner at Aloft HotelWe started our night out with drinks and an appetizer at the downstair’s Corner Restaurant. The whole area, which is full of fun and different seating, had that same energy and flow to it. The space was wide open, with different couch arrangements and windowed-doors that opened up to the sidewalks. Considering it was an unseasonably warm January day, everything was open, therefore the hanging out felt comfortable and nice. There were high tops and armchairs, a pool table and fireplace. No matter your mood or party size, there really was a space and place for everyone.

Kenny and I decided to post up on one of the high back couches that faced towards the street. Kenny ordered the Whiskey Smash, with Makers, orange, lime, and basil. I decided to spike the non-alcoholic B&B, which made it a blueberries, basil, soda water, and lime cocktail. Kenny took one sip of mine and said I could drink a hundred of those. It was subtly sweet and refreshing, which is the name of my cocktail-drinking game.

Both menus – food and drink – were full and robust, with tons of artfully crafted options. We ordered their signature three dips and chips, with salsa, queso, and guacamole, but I was staring down the truffled deviled eggs, basket of fries with beer and cheese fondue, and the crispy brussels hard. But our decided upon option was a perfect choice, particularly thanks to the gucamole. That ish was good.

Corner Bar drinks Corner appetizer Corner Bar Corner lounge areas Corner decor Corner colored booksCorner Lighting Corner seating open to patioKenny and I really just enjoyed ourselves and took our time at Corner. We ordered multiple drinks, nibbled and nursed the chips and dips, and just kicked back to talk and reconnect. A Louisville game had just let out of Yum! so it was lively and loud with game goers who were there to turn around their spirits after what I heard was a pretty brutal loss.

Now we also have quite a few friends who live in Louisville, so we ended up reaching out to a couple dear ones to see what they were up to. And as luck would have it, one of Kenny’s closest buddies was out running errands, so he and his girlfriend decided to come meet us for a drink. They were there within minutes, and just as quickly had signature cocktails in hand.

After another easy and casual stint of hanging, we decided to venture out a bit. The two took us to the Nulu area, where we splurged on a few more drinks at Decca, and then while they went on to watch the UK game, we went out to dinner at Harvest (post to come tomorrow!). Post dinner, Kenny and I bopped around the area a bit before ultimately deciding to just head back to Aloft. Again, given the fact that the weather was unbelievably temperate, we actually just walked back to the hotel from the Nulu area, which was a quick and easy little foot commute. It was no biggie whatsoever.

So if you have been wanting to treat yourself to a quick night away, or you have plans to attend the Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour, definitely consider a stay at Aloft. You’ll have that awesome boutique-style hotel experience, with that quintessential Louisville welcoming feel, all in the heart of downtown. Or, if you are looking for Valentine’s Day plans, considering posting up at Corner for special craft cocktails and pairings!

General1-05our night’s stay and bar treats were courtesy of Aloft Louisville Downtown – thanks so much for having us!


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