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allyn'sQuick out post today about my restaurant bff.  Allyn’s (mentioned here) is one of my all-time favorite spots.  I am an extremely loyal customer.  Living within walking distance helps, but their Sweet Chicago boneless wings are the real reason I constantly throw out their name whenever grabbing a bite is suggested.  I can’t even tell you how many times our kickball team convened there after dominating on the field, undoubtable winning the match.  The number has to be in the hundreds.

 Ken and I marched over there the other night because I had a really long and exhausting snow day and definitely needed a glass of wine and happy hour quesadilla to take the edge off.  Unfortunately none of the indoor images turned out, but it is as ecclectic as the signs adorning the outside.  Allyn’s is the go-to spot when looking for a chill and casual place to hang out.  Perfect in the summer, perfect in the winter, perfect whenever Kenny says hey what do you want to eeaaaALLYN’S!  I scream.

My only knock is that they are not opened on New Year’s Day, the one day that I most definitely, one hundred percent, want to eat as many boneless wings as possible.  Like only wanting Chic-fil-A on a Sunday.

allyn's allyn'sAgain, I definitely recommend the Sweet Chicago bonesless wings.  And by recommend I mean if you don’t order them you are really dumb, for real.  The black bean and cheddar quesadilla rolls are also pretty dope.  Kenny loves the chicken and sausage jambalaya and marinated chicken salad.  And you can’t go wrong with the best chicken sandwich in town (that’s its name) and garden burger.

Check out their whole menu here.

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