out at abigail street

I honestly can’t believe it.

If you search “Abigail Street” on this here blog, you’ll only find one entry from 2014 where I call it “Abigail’s Street.” And that is one part awesome and two parts insane for the following reasons. Awesome because six years ago it was one of my first (novice) posts, which actually makes tons of sense as it has always been one of my most favorites. But then immediately two parts insane because first, it is Abigail not Abigail’s (how could I get that wrong?!) Street, and second, it’s been SIX YEARS since I’ve not done a better, more official, more correct and honest and wonderful and necessary and loving “out at Abigail Street post”?! I can’t believe it.

But where the blog postings have failed Abigail, my love and heart have not. We’ve been to Abigail Street countless times. We’ve celebrated things both big and small there. We’ve frequented and treated friends from both near and far there. When asked what’s the best or our favorite restaurant in the city, we never fail to answer Abigail Street. We are absolute loyalists, even if the blog hasn’t appeared to be.

So when Kenny and I decided to venture downtown for dinner for only the second time since this madness has started, we both agreed unanimously that we were definitely going to Abigail Street because of course.

Dinner was exactly how we like it to be there – intimate (we sat at the corner of the bar) and made up of dishes both staple and new. We started with fattoush, which is Kenny’s absolute favorite. It was lighter on the lemon this time around, which made me like it more, but per usual, there was nothing better than starting off a series of small plates with spiced veggies and pita.

A second staple was the broccolini. Kenny’s recreated this at home a number of times, and each time it is a pretty impressive plagiarism, but this particular plate of ‘linies were so good that we actually spent our last moments there interrogating the manager as to exactly how they’re done, to which she willing obliged and indulged (she even sent us home with a sampling of the signature spice). Needless to say, this one was one of our favorites that night per usual.

We then spotted something new that I was excited to try, which was some General Tso tofu. This with the seasoning and the peanuts and the green onion and veggies hit the craving-Asian spot that I’m always hankering to satisfy. And satisfy it did.

It was then back to a usual order with the gnocchi. Kenny’s personally been on a huge mushroom kick as of late, and I’m always on a gnocchi kick, so this was one where our forks were fighting over the last bite.

A non-negotiable for me are the mussels. I’ve written and shared before, but I believe the Abigail Street mussels are the best in the city (and I love and always get all the mussels no matter where we are). Here though they’re just always hearty and in a cream sauce that is neither super heavy or overwhelmingly rich. It’s typically at this point in the evening where Kenny does the talking as I simply nod along while forking out mussel after mussel.

And then as a finale, something new – the lamb spaghetti – which was about as serious as it looks and sounds. Per the advice of the server, Kenny broke the yoke and stirred the whole dish around and it was as rich and indulgent and sinfully fulfilling a final dish as you can imagine.

In the end, Abigail Street was what it always is – a low-lit unimposing setting that served dish after dish of something interesting, flavorful, satisfying, and impressive. We always find something new to try while also getting excited to have the things we’ve had time and time again. I look forward to going back many times over, even if there is then a long gap in the blog posting love.

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