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Stars really do align.

A few weekends ago, Kenny and I traveled to Louisville for a dear friend’s wedding. A few weekends before that, I was extended a generous offer for a couple nights stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, in the heart of downtown Louisville, to check out and experience their swanky new rooftop bar, 8UP. Two birds, meet one stone.

While the majority of the weekend was filled with wedding festivities, we were still able to steal away to the 8UP rooftop to check it out. The night we were there it was unseasonably warm, so we were able to camp out in the corner wearing only our light jackets. We nursed a couple of glasses of wine and shared some hummus and a few crispy chicken sliders. The sliders were very yummy, with a spicy aioli and tangy slaw topping. The hummus though was killer, with a caponata topper that added a sweetness that I am now craving atop all my hummus. Every last bit – the outdoors, the view, the spread, the drinks, the company, the out of town treat – totally and completely hit the spot.

While we were there pretty early in the happy hour evening, we commented to each other that we were surprised the place wasn’t packed, especially given the temperature. However, as we were on our way to the next event, the place started to fill up, and by the end of the evening, it was clear it was a total party. We happened to just be the early bird crowd but it was no surprise that everything took off.

So if you are looking for something fun to do in Louisville, or need a reason to get just outside of town, then consider both the Hilton Garden Inn and 8UP. You’ll be a stone’s throw from Fourth Street Live, mere blocks from the YUM! Center, and a few quick Ubers to NuLu, St. Matthews, and the Highlands, which is all you’d ever want out of a fun weekend in Lou.

And note: Below are some pics I snapped during the day, before the bar and restaurant was open. I wouldn’t have been able to get anything good when I was there in the evening because it was already dark, but do know that the outdoor seating arrangement is where we were parked. There were also a number of fire pit-like long tables that were super cool and spots where I’d definitely want to camp out as the cold weather officially makes its debut. All in all, it was an awesomely spacious layout, with bright and poppy decor, which makes hanging out feel vibrant and fun.

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