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Typically, my lunch is restricted to twenty-three minutes as a teacher. But every once in a while, we’ll have a day of professional development and we’ll get to act like real professionals and go out to lunch for a whole hour. When that happens, that’s all we talk about.

Which is exactly how a few good colleagues and I found ourselves last Friday at 50 West. 50 West is no stranger to me or this blog, but I’d only previously been for the beer, never for the bites. Annie (photog-extraordinaire) has raved about their mussels and it was per her great suggestion that we zipped over there for a quick lunch out.

Unfortunately, the mussels are no longer on the menu (which is precisely how she enticed fifty percent of the party to tag along) but that was not a problem at all. Their other offerings – which include shrimp and soup and salads and sandwiches – was enough to satisfy the party.

I personally indulged in the potato and leek soup and the shrimp small plate. Both were warm and hearty and surprisingly killer. I don’t want to judge this establishment by its brewery cover, but the food was pretty amazingly delicious and that I just did not expect. There was also a burger at the table (that looked absolutely sinful), a salad (that was the epitome of good choices), another soup special (that looked just as decadently yummy), and a chicken sandwich (that looked like it could do no wrong). We all left on a high and chipper note because this was a lunch that was both a treat and a breeze and well worth the time and energy to enjoy.

50 West shrimp50 West burger50 West salad50 West gorgonzola soup50 West also serves brunch and if any of my brunch club friends are reading, I vote it as our next chapter meeting spot.

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    I have been for brunch and it’s pretty awesome!

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