out at 21c spa

This experience both met and exceeded my expectations.

What I am talking about (and what I alluded to on Instagram last weekend) was the Sunday day date that Kenny and I went on, which included a couples massage at the 21c Museum Hotel Spa.

This was an experience that was so perfect for so many reasons. For one, getting a couples massage is something that Kenny and I do treat ourselves to, but it is only every once in a while, so when the occasion arrises, it always feel like a really special treat, something to reconnect over. For two, my massage was prenatal of course, and while this one wasn’t my first prenatal, it was definitely and easily the best. Other prenatal massages just had me lay on my sides to get my back, but for this one, I was able to lay on my stomach in an elevated foam contraption, which was relaxation enough. I swear, the therapist could not have touched me during that whole stomach-laying portion and the massage would still rank as one of the best.

Then there was the massage itself. At times, I wasn’t even sure what side of my body the therapist was on because his hands and arms were moving so fluidly and rhythmically that he may have been suspended above for maximum coverage. I also wondered at points if Kenny’s therapist abandoned him in order to come aid in mine because I was sure there were more people at work than just one sole individual. The thought also crossed my mind that my man was like an octopus, in all the right ways (and not at all the Donald Trump way). Needless to say, it was glorious.

There were then “bonuses” that occurred throughout that made this massage rise above all others. First was the heated and weighted back wrap. As my massage got underway and the work began on my shoulders, a hot and heavy pad was laid across my back. That kind of warmth and pressure was delightful. It was then moved to my lower legs when the back massaging part started, so it was utilized throughout. Then once I was on my back, my feet were wrapped in pipping hot towels, which remained on for the duration of the massage. Those too were elements that felt amazing and thoughtful.

Finally upon completion, we had a good fifteen minutes to soak up time, post-massage, in a steam shower. That right there sealed the deal. Being able to finish out the relaxation in the steam, while also being able to wash up in the room, was an arrangement that will be hard to beat for me. With that luxury, I don’t think there is any turning back.

Again, I knew that this experience would be indulgent and gorgeous, but I didn’t think it would be so hands down unreal from beginning to end. Everything that 21c has going on is smart, creative, and exciting, and that standard extends into their spa services. Having our own 21c, located right there on Walnut in the heart of downtown, means Cincinnati has quite the treasure on its hands, and we should all be making a point to take advantage.

And now I must also share that our splurging and treating did not end there, so stay tuned for part two of what was the most amazing little Sunday Funday…

sincerest thanks to 21c for having both Kenny and I in for the services and more!

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