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How about lunch with a view? How about a private lunch with a view?

That was the cherry-top treatment that Kenny and I received after our couples massage at The Spa at 21c. We placed our orders before going under and then were able to enjoy the spread privately on the cocktail terrace. The rooftop is opened in the evenings (at five) Mondays through Saturdays, so getting to enjoy its perks on a Sunday afternoon was a treat in and of itself.

But then there was the food…

The first non-negotiable order was the burnt carrot salad. If you’ve ever dined at Metropole, then you should know. If you’ve ever dined at Metropole and you don’t know because you’ve never ordered it, then you have actually never done Metropole. Calling this salad good is an understatement – it is actually a feat. It is made up of burnt carrots, avocado, pickled onion, feta, garlic chips, and pumpkin seeds. It is slightly chilled but not at all cold, and then it is both crunchy and soft, which is what makes the combination just so impressive. I’d easily call it one of the best things in the city.

We also ordered the soup of the day, which was a roasted beet soup, with feta, rye croutons, and dill. If you are a fan of beets, you will be into this one. If you are not, you still could be into this one as the beets were not as overwhelming as I would of thought. Like the carrots, this was a dish that was both bright and balanced.

I then took the lead ordering the shaved turkey sandwich, with pear mostardo, gruyere, spinach, and red onion. This combination quickly reminded me how much I like a sweet fruity jelly jam on my sandwiches. There was a period in my life where I was living off of fig jam grilled cheeses and this one reintroduced me to that preference. I have been craving both this exact sammie, and sammies of the same kind, ever since.

Kenny’s official order was the farm egg omelet, with ham, broccoli, pecorino, and green goddess dressing. This omelet totally hit the spot as it had a good veggie bite, while also having a nice salty crunch to really drive it home. We willingly went halvsies with everything and it was so good to bounce between this and the sandwich.

And again, this was all enjoyed on the side of the L-shaped terrace, where our views could head south to the heart of downtown, east towards Mount Adams, north to travel up Walnut Street, and west to spy the Macy’s building. These vantage points make this terrace one of our city’s most impressive gems.

All in all, this rounded out one of the most incredible and indulgent Cincinnati Sundays and Kenny and I could not appreciate the opportunity more. The Spa at 21c and Metropole are both impressive establishments that will leave you feeling spoiled and supremely satisfied. I cannot wait to return. (In fact, I am hoping to make a reservation for the Big Gay Brunch here ASAP.)

Thanks to 21c for treating us to the incredibly awesome lunch experience!

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