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Got another Charleston out post, and this one might win the award for my most-and-actual-and-dead-serious-favorite of all time that I’ve ever had down there.

167 Raw is really, really, ridiculously good looking and I don’t think there’s more to life. First, our Airbnb was like a block away from this spot, so I passed it quite frequently. Never once did I not see a line waiting and lingering on the sidewalk outside. Second, I dined there by myself and the really really ridiculously small space (that sat only 24 people) had to all think I was a crazy person because after every bite I took, I either giggled, chuckled, or cackled to myself. It was all THAT GOOD.

Let’s start with the oysters. I love oysters and want them all the time, but I’m not all that seasoned or fluent when it comes their specifications. If ever I’ve got an option of what kind or type to get, I simply order “big meaty fat ones” and only one place has ever delivered on that request – 167 Raw. I only ordered two for myself (because I’m a lady) and while they were two different ones, all I remember was that the Mystic oyster was bananas. With the shallot vinaigrette dash and straight from the shell, I was alone at the bar in a halo beam of light. Transcendent.

…my mouth waters at the sight.

Then I ordered the ahi poke and shrimp taco. Asking which was my favorite is like asking which of my two children is my favorite (and that’s easy, Louise (JK JK)). But seriously, the poke was some of the best poke I’ve ever had, especially with that sesame, and the shrimp taco was crunchy and light. I’ll never know how one can fry something and yet keep it so fresh, but when it happens, you know there’s magic. Either way, picture me going from bite to bite, laughing while chewing, and looking around trying to make eye contact with anyone unfortunate enough to gaze my way, in order to say “can you believe this place?” NOT SAD!

…bite for one, please.

Anyway, I imagine I’ll be seeing Charleston again sometime soon because it’s just one of the best, and when I do, I don’t care how long the wait is, imma be posting up at 167 Raw and ordering 500 Mystic oysters, pounds of poke and shrimp taco, and letting the rosĂ© flow like wine. Oh, wait…

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