out at 1215 wine bar and coffee lab

out at 1215 wine bar and coffee lab1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab in OTR is the bee’s knees.  Happy hour there makes you feel like you are a cool hip adult, doing a cool hip thing, in a cool hip city (sup Cincinnati).  The bartenders know. their. craft.  They can talk endlessly and effortlessly about their wine and beer, which makes you feel like a seasoned sommelier as well (ah yes, I do detect subtle hints of blackberry and cassis…mmhmm, definitely picking up notes of rose and autumn forest earth).

Kenny and I sat down for wine flights after a long week of work and we were so taken care of.  Simply put, 1215 makes you feel super cool because it’s super cool.

This bar is perfect for this jacket, this top, these jeans, and these booties.

DSCF0294DSCF0350DSCF0296 DSCF0310

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