one last trip

Harbor Town flagsSeeing as today is the last official day before school starts, I want to share some photos of the vacation I got to go on twice this summer.

Getting to spend my last week of summer vacation in the place that I love so much for the second time this year was such a treat. While I did everything I love to do in Hilton Head when I was there in June, I got to really go for it again when I was back this time with Kenny’s family. I was able to enjoy too many Grasshoppers from Java Joe’s, ride bikes on the beach to Pool Bar Jim’s, spend an afternoon and happy hour in Harbour Town, catch up with W Photography for some family pics, do some serious Kate Spade Outlet shopping, and spend nearly every late afternoon and evening sitting on the beach. There was absolutely no better way to send off one seriously killer travel-filled summer.

Even though I’ve posted about HHI before, this time I captured some things I hadn’t last time, particularly Harbour Town during the day, which I strolled around one afternoon with the girls and kiddies. This little spot never ever gets old.

bicycle rackHarbor Town Bakery and Cafe seagull pelican Spirit of Harbor TownHarbor Town lighthouse Harbor Town harbor Harbor Town old oak treeNow a few of my favorite shots of some of the mugs I love so much…

Kenny with the babies sleepers Jack Jack Ellie JackUntil next time…

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