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This post was sponsored by Bai® Bubbles. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am someone who craves some kind of sweet treat on my way home from work. To satiate this daily desire, I have a pretty splurgy habit of stopping for a sparkling refresher from one of those coffee shop chains located on every street corner. However, this indulgent routine is adding up, both in my banking ledger and at a cost of my dietary discretions, so I have been looking for a better alternative. Thankfully, I have totally found one.

Bai® Bubbles is precisely the kind of sparkling treat that I look forward to sipping on as a mini break after a day of work. And with only five calories per can, no artificial sweeteners, and less than one gram of sugar, I can enjoy something that also helps keep me on track, as I try to be as healthy as I can during the work week, so that I can completely enjoy the weekend. Bai Bubbles, in particular the Bolivia Black Cherry flavor, fits right in there. They also have some other deliciously bold flavors to try out.

What is also great about Bai Bubbles is that it can be found at Kroger (or your local Kroger banner!). I have simply added it to my weekly Kroger grocery haul, so now instead of making a daily stop on my way home for something carbonated and fruity, I have something already dropped in my bag waiting to be enjoyed. Add this win to the win-win for Bai Bubbles (plus find a great coupon for $0.75 off 2 Bai Bubbles cans! Trust me, you’ll want at least two!)

Again, Bai Bubbles is the perfect treat to grab on the go when looking to sip on something sweet and spritzy. I look forward to enjoying it on my way home from work as part of my daily routine because it is just the exact right bubbly perk to keep me going!

Thanks again Bai® Bubbles for partnering with me for this post! I am sincerely a fan!

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