There are few things that make spring feel as spring-wonderful as getting to spend a day at Keeneland.

I’ve been to Keeneland more times than I can count, and I’ve done it every which way – as a college student with 500 of my closest friends, as a day trip from Cincinnati to reunite with said 500 friends, as a quick getaway with a small group of couples, and most recently as a low key, family fun day. Of all the reasons to head to Keeneland, this most recent reason ranks as one of the best.

As I’ve been so fortunate before, I had another opportunity to come down to Keeneland for the day and enjoy the works. This year we opted to head down on a Sunday with my parents and sister in order to introduce little Harry Holocher to the lifetime appreciation that we expect him to have with the track. Going about it this way was just plain nice. The weather alone was outstanding, and being able to comfortably and casually hang outside made it all the better. Furthermore, letting Harry run loose was just as sweet to see. He was up and down along the fences, pointing and clapping at the horses and tractors alike (he’s really into giant vehicles, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say he was more impressed with the vans and busses parked right outside than he was of any of the amazing four-legged athletes). But with that, everyone kicked back with an easy drink, took turns walking around with Harry, enjoyed good bites to eat, and placed a number of winning bets – I walked away with ten bucks thanks to my intuition with number 11 on the very first race!

Everything about the day felt quintessentially Keeneland but in a way that was also new and different. Again, we’re the type who will make a point to head down once a season. It’s usually a big day with friends and lots of fun planning, but this time it was just a matter of getting dressed and traveling with family in tow. It felt so nice to be able to take that time to spend with Harry, and it proved once again that Keeneland is a place for one and all to enjoy.

Now today I am taking over the Keeneland Instagram account, going into more detail about my day and #mykeeneland experience. Do yourselves a favor and head over to their account, give them a follow, and see the day from my POV. I’m honored to be able to be one of the voices to share what I love about Keeneland, and while I’ve done it before in a few different capacities, know that my love for the place with never not run deep.

Furthermore this year, I was part of a fun commercial campaign (seen here and here), which you may have caught if you live in the local area (Cincinnati, Lexington, and/or Louisville). Feel free to check either one out if not! (Also say hey to fellow Thread Cincinnati blogger Olivia who took part as well!)

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