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IMG_6089-1This is hands down my favorite look from Saks.  A printed silk blouse with billowy arms always wins, it’s just so beautiful, so feminine.  But we really need to talk about these jeans.  I have wanted an oversized flare pair forever because I bow down to Rachel Zoe.  And can I be blunt here?  These jeans are really making my derriere look dynamite.  I am a straight line from behind and these guys have lifted and shaped me like nobody’s business.  I am in the process of expanding my denim collection and these are the first pair up to bat.

We now need to take a moment of silence for this bag.  Stella McCartney is a queen.

IMG_6091-2 IMG_6078-2IMG_6098-1IMG_6095-1IMG_6080-1IMG_6075-1Joie blouse | J Brand jeans | Stella McCartney clutch | Ray Ban aviators

images by Jenn Mercer

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