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This post was written in partnership with Whole Foods Market, but all opinions are my own.

To plagiarize a hashtag a friend of mine often uses (sup Hillary), when it comes to kids and snacks, it is #pouchestillcollege.

Seriously though, is there anything more convenient and more guiltless than bribing with an organic fruit and veggie pouch? Louise, in particular, is a sucker and demander of the pouches. The second she sees the sliver of a pouch through the crack of the refrigerator door, she is on a forward leaning march, snapping her little hands together like lobster claws, sending out the international signal for “gimme.” Harry also often gives me the full “just oneeee more” press even after his second or third or fourth (just kidding about throwing back four…that only happens when he officially breaks me down). But again, I never feel all that bad because I know and trust that organic pouches are just what they are…a fruit and/or veggie and/or medley with other ingredients. And that I can always easily get behind.  

So it should come as no surprise that I don’t even blink when I thrust my arm in the grocery store shelf to forearm a slew of Mama Bear Organic pouches into my cart whenever doing a Whole Foods haul. From just apple, to apple and banana, to apple, carrot, apricot, and millet, I know I am going to find something I am happy to feed my kiddos, all the while giving them something they are equally as happy to suck down. And that is why Mama Bear Baby Foods will always get a thumbs up and high-five from this mama bear.

Find Mama Bear Organics at your local Whole Foods, and use this coupon for a dollar off any purchase of four or more!

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