mahabis slippers

I used to think slippers were just a cute little accessory. But as someone who has been living in an 100-year-old house with almost all hardwood floors for years now, who no matter how many days in a row chooses to vacuum, there will inevitably be a food trail left behind by the almost-two-year old, and who also likes to be dressed and covered from head to toe at all times, slippers have become as important and as necessary as the contacts that get popped in the eyes each morning.

With that, I think I have found the pair to which I pledge my allegiance – Mahabis. These slippers blend style and function and comfort in ways that make me happy every time I slide into them. The slippers themselves are also soft and comfortable, with a collapsible neoprene heel that makes it easy to kick them on and off, while also keeping them snuggly on my dogs after any kind of day. But their most notable feature? The detachable sole. Not only is that element stylish (and where you can customize in color), but they make them super convenient for doing things like running the trash to the curb. That is the kind of slipper I like and need and I’m pumped to have a pair.

Mahabis classic with rjukan red soles c/o

Use the following code – IGX-td2d7at3 – for 10% off your own pair!

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