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I know I am not the only person this has ever happened to, but I walked into Bluemercury over the weekend needing only some Lune + Aster primer and yet I walked out with an entire promotional starter kit of the stuff.

But honestly, the deal was too good to pass up. I totally dig this brand but had only really been partial to the moisturizing primer and eyelash primer. But when the cutie sale’s gal was like are you familiar with their other products? and I was like not really and she was like well there is this great promotion happening where you basically get all of the best for $100 I was like okay SOLD.

So at this point right now my entire face is Lune + Aster. I got the Realglow Primer (which I had previously just been using the Hydralift), a bronzing, illuminating, and setting-powder palette, and some Hydrabright concealer, all as a part of the gift. (And that alone right there is valued at over $100, so hello.) Then I am not sure if because I spent x amount of dollars that I got something else, but I ended up with another marbled bronzer compact, which I totally love.

But that’s not all, there were all the goodies for the eye. I did purchase the lash primer separately, as that was one of the things I was there for, but I ended up with the lengthening mascara, gel eyeliner, and brow pencil. Each one is better than the next and my eyes have never looked better.

And then last but not least was a treat for the smackers. An awesome Quickstick lipstick crayon and a tube of the Vitamin C+E gloss. I finish my face off with these two puppies and I am polished and ready to go.

So I wanted to put this together and share because I am just honestly loving the whole switch and system. While I am definitely a make-up wearer, I am not all that serious or good at it. I am down for the quick 10-minute face, hoping to look as clean and natural as possible, and I have to admit that solely using these Lune + Aster products is making me feel just that.

And now here is where I may be failing as a blogger but I have no idea if the deal for this whole kit and caboodle is still going on at Bluemercury. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website but know that I was in the store (in Kenwood’s Macy’s) just last weekend and that’s when I got it. So it could be worth a call or a trip because an entire face of high quality makeup for $100 is a STEAL.

And for the record, nothing about this is sponsored. Just here to share the love.

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