Hello hello! I took off from the blog just a teensy bit longer than I anticipated, but now that some of the dust has settled and life is feeling slightly more normal and manageable, I am so happy to hop back on here with the squeeziest of squeezable updates.

I’ve got a number of normal posts to return to with next week, but I did want to just share a few snaps of our new girlfriend Lulu Louisie. This is simply a series of mostly baby holding selfies, but it could be considered a study in sleeping, or a study in pinchable baby lips. Either way, I think these snaps do capture who Louise is, what she is good at, and what she likes the most (which is to be a baby burrito wrapped tight and ripe for holding).

She’s been around for a whopping three weeks but I can already see such a difference in her, my favorite being that she is really filling out in those cheeks. She is thisclose to growing out of the newborn jumpers that I was so excited for and the next step is for her noggin to get just a wee bit bigger so that I can start with all the headbands (right now the melon is too petite).

So say hello to my little friend and know there is a lot more coming your way!


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  • Reply Chelsea August 11, 2017 at 10:21 am

    OMG Katie, she’s a dream! So so cute. Congratulations! <3

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