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The new year is still feeling new, and with it, I am still feeling the beauty of new routines.

One routine that I am both maintaining and changing up and is my shampoo routine. I am one of those twice-a-week hair washers, and while that is my routine, I have recently mixed it up with my shampoo regimes. While I have one (obnoxiously) expensive color shampoo that I use, I have also been feeling the major affects of using product and heat styling to last me the four to five day stretches in between washes. That is where L’Oréal Elvive has beautifully come in.

The Total Repair Elvive line has been quite the game changer for me. These three – the shampoo, conditioner, and damage-erasing balm – have really done wonders for my hair, which can take quite the beating. Again, I stretch out my washes, but that comes at the cost of dry shampoo, heat styling on top of that, not taking it easy with the hair spray, and then finishing off with either a hair putty or oil. Needless to say, I need to make the most of my infrequent washes, and I need to have something that then brings it all back to life. This Elvive line does just that.

What I have noticed the most about the use of these three products is how silky my hair feels for so long. My hair will not only feel velvety post wash, but also into the extended days that go unwashed. And I give the most credit to the damage-erasing balm that I use post-shampoo, pre-conditioner. This additional step is the one that I think really enriches and nourishes my locks for the long haul.

These three have been beautifully welcomed additions into the necessary routine that is hair washing. And while I am all for getting to the point of washing one’s hair as infrequently as possible, that doesn’t mean I need not take the washing part seriously. While there is a lot that goes into what I do to help maintain my do, know that the L’Oréal Elvive Total Repair trio is now going to be a mainstay in my routine. And if you too are looking to do the same for yourself, know that this line (as well as a line for color treated hair, or hair that is oily, or more dry) can be purchased at your neighborhood Kroger. So we’re talking a great product, which can be found at a great grocery store, that leaves your hair feeling great – win, win, win.

This post has been sponsored by L’Oréal Paris but know and trust that my adoring praise is sincerely my own.

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