long sleeve maxi + sale alert

This was one of those I’ve got something very specific I want to find but I don’t have something necessarily specific in mind that I need to find. 

And by that I mean I went on search for a long sleeve maxi dress that could be from anywhere and look like anything so long as it was long with sleeves. With a number of upcoming events that were calling for a good dress occasion, it was totally the route I wanted to take. I came upon this one in the eleventh hour of a shopping day and yet it was exactly what I was hoping for. For one, the sleeves are loose and feel romantically boho, and for two, it is a wrap cut so it can grow as I grow, then shrink as I shrink. In a time where I have to make short-term accommodations for my style, finding pieces like this – that I am both craving and ones that should work indefinitely – makes it all the better. As I tell every non-pregnant friend who compliments it, you can totally go get it, it’s regular!

Gianni Bini maxi wrap dress | Karen Walker sunnies (which can be scored on sale!)

Images by Annie Jagoditz

And speaking of good deals and finding exactly what you are looking for without looking for anything exact, Shopbop is running one of their bigger sales of the year – 20% off your total order under $500, and then 25% off anything over that. I was able to jump start the sale yesterday, which is why I took advantage of getting those slides that I mentioned needing/wanting before, so I encourage you to do the same! Sale ends in just three days so get to it!

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