No other way of getting into it other than just getting into it. We’re talking tampons today.

And the reason we’re talking tampons is because I’ve had the opportunity to check out LOLA and I feel like what they’ve got going on is a whole lot of duh.

First, and most importantly, their tampons and liners are made of 100% organic cotton. That makes sense and I am mad I’ve spent fifteen years not thinking about that importance. Second, the plastic applicators are BPA-free, and all the kit and caboodles are free of synthetic fibers, chemical additives, fragrances, dyes, and chlorine bleach, Again, the fact that those things have to be pointed out, in that they are left out, makes me question what I’ve been dealing with my whole life. And then thirdly, which is my personal favorite, your needs and product supply can be ordered and taken care of via a monthly subscription service. Now that I am in year two of the joys that is a monthly diaper supply subscription, why would I not think the same for myself? For all the above, I am down with LOLA.

So if this is a part of your life for one reason or another, consider checking LOLA out, if you haven’t already. Better yet, use the offer code KATIE2017 for 60% off your first subscription order. That is serious (but it expires May 31). I am happy to have my trial on hand and I know that they will most likely become a mainstay in my personal purse essentials.

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