It is Friday. It is the beginning of June. It is my first official day of summer. And it is time to share this awesome new endeavor I am involved in.

Recently I’ve started writing for Localeur, a travel website where locals make recommendations as to what to do in their city. Furthermore, the recommendations are made as lists, so rather than just being inundated with individual place recommendations, those interested can find out what to eat in say, a specific area of town, or find a list of breweries to check out if wanting only taproom-style operations. I’ve contributed quite a few lists already, recommending things like what to eat on Vine Street, Hyde Park hot spots, and juiceries that will bring good ju ju.

What I find particularly fun about this is that I get to think about Cincinnati in new way, and while I am always giddy to be hit up for a rec, I love thinking about how to make recommendations that include a number of my favorite places at once. Furthermore, I like the notion that those using Localeur can and should trust the recommendations because it is coming from a local, someone who loves to live in their city, so they are truly hearing from a voice in the community in order to #experiencelocal.

You can find my profile and lists here, but I encourage you to check out the site entirely. Hopefully you are down to travel this summer and could use the insight as to what to do with any of 10,000 recommendations made in any of the forty major US cities that are so far included!

And speaking of local recommendations, how about Jessi, who is the recipient of the Maplewood Kitchen + Bar giftcard giveaway. I’ve actually included Maplewood in two different Localeur lists so you know I mean serious business about how seriously good it is, so congrats girl!

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