little weekend roundup

the pavilion viewWell I had a nice little weekend so I’m bringing you a nice little roundup to show it all off.

selfieFirst and foremost, thanks to Beth, an amazing coworker of mine, I’m working with a killer new camera here.  I was shooting for a Colin Powell selfie to show it off.

hank I needed a test subject to mess around with and Hank was less than interested.

kennyHowever Kenny willingly obliged while we were out for dinner and a drink on Friday night.

bankok bistroWe started at Dutch’s but ultimately decided to grab a bite at Bangkok Bistro.  Went with the classic pad thai.

blind lemon patioOne of the highlights was grabbing a drink on The Blind Lemon patio Saturday night with these dear friends.

Kelly's 30thThen there was a celebratory toast with Kelly at her surprise thirtieth birthday party.

the boysThe handsome fellows.

Jenn and IAnd finally some hanging out time with Jenn, my beloved photographer, who is sporting a hot new haircut.

Hope you all had a good one as well!

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