lifestyle session with kristin weinberg

I am excited to start the week by basically opening up the doors to our home and sharing the images from our family lifestyle shoot with Kristin Weinberg Photography.

This was an opportunity that I will be eternally grateful for having, and one that has really opened my eyes to what can and should be done when it comes to professional family photography. Kristin’s specialty is either in lifestyle or documentary-style shooting, where she’ll come to your house and simply shoot your family in its natural habitat. A lifestyle shoot, as opposed to the documentary-style (which would be her really hands off and just photographing whatever) is the one that is more “posed.” And by “posed” I mean she’ll simply suggest that you sit on a certain couch, or stand in a certain corner, and then she’ll shoot. Other than that, you just do what you do and wait for the magic to be revealed.

But even more than a family lifestyle shoot, this was a newborn session for Louise, so a lot of the focus was on her. With Harry, I did the full on newborn session (which I loved) but I am equally as happy and excited to have these kinds of images for little Louise at this point in her life. The realness of these, with our interacting and our holding of her, paints the perfect picture of what life is like as a family in these moments. I have so many set to print and I can’t wait to fill all the picture frames with them.

Also, a note about Kristin – she is the coolest. She is the most natural, calming, sharp, funny, relaxing, and personable person. She comes right in and gets to work, making each and every person feel at ease. Harry was little feisty that morning because he is a two-year-old, but through it all, Kristin was a trooper and definitely got him to let his guard down. For that, she’s a pro. Furthermore, we ended the session with me nursing Louise, which I realized I wanted as the morning went on, and because Kristin is who she is, I felt extremely comfortable and connected. Between all of that, I can’t sing her praises enough.

So for the post, I chose to keep it all black and white, mostly because I liked the continuity of it all, but know there were plenty of images of rich vibrancy and color (like this one) to relish in. But, I hope the images speak for themselves. As you all know by now, we did a lot of life things in a short amount of life time, but being able to have Kristin into our new home, to photograph our new baby and our new family, is a treat beyond compare.

Now not only is Kristin an amazing photographer, but she’s also a kick-butt Jazzercise instructor. With that, she and her studio in Norwood have generously offered new mamas ten classes for $50, which is a killer deal! So if you are liking what you are seeing here, and you are also antsy to get your new mommy booty moving, then know you’ve got plenty of reasons to reach out to Kristin!

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