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October 10, 2017

It is Tuesday, but it feels like my Monday because up until about five minutes ago, I was still paying for the debauchery of this weekend.

Obviously it was well worth it as I spent the weekend with sixteen cool girls celebrating our girl Sally’s bachelorette. We traveled and convened in Lexington for a weekend of good old fashion Lexington fun, which included a big dinner at Lockbox, a big tailgate and day at Keeneland, a big night of dancing at Parlay Social, and a big jazzy brunch at Carson’s.

This was such a fun plan because Lexington, specifically UK, is where the majority of us met and fell in love, so it felt like we were doing it up just like the old days (even though our plans this time around were much more sophisticated than Two Keys). But then it was also fun being able to show it all off to those who were not as familiar (the girls who came down from Columbus, Chicago, etc.). Super fun, all the way around.

And while I could go on for hours about every little part, I do just want to share the highlights, primarily the AirBnB that half of us stayed in. You all – this one was just so oddly awesome. It was filled to the brim with trinkets and decor and I’m telling you, if you are ever going to make a weekend out of Lexington, hunt this one down and book it. You don’t get the whole house, but the half you do get it worth it. It felt both weird and weirdly Lexington. Find it here if it tickles your fancy like it did mine.

Dinner the first night was at Lockbox, the restaurant of 21c. With our large group we were able to secure the private room in the vault, which was necessary and appropriate as we were rip roaring given the excitement of it all just getting kicked off. I sprung for oysters, brussel sprouts, and hush puppies, and if I can give you any advice, go and order the brussel sprouts by the bushel. They were RIDIC.

We did the first Saturday in October the only way we know how – with a big trip to Keeneland. We set up a catered tailgate and really just got to know each other there. Sal was such a cutie, and by the time it was the afternoon, we were all as happy and cheerful as newly recruited sorority sisters.

Saturday ended up being quite the marathon with a day spent at the races, dinner at Goodfellas Distillery, and then a night of dancing downtown. And while it was one of those that started early and ended late, the weekend ultimately capped off with a killer brunch at Carson’s. This was actually one of my most favorite parts as there was a live jazz band playing and then portions that could feed a small army, which was just what the doctor ordered. I chose the heaping salmon benedict, which was served atop two truffle buns and topped with lump crab. Super duper good doesn’t even do it justice.

Again, it was a big weekend but it was filled with such fun and laughter and heart-to-hearts and everything you hope for when one girlfriend brings together so many other girlfriends. Of course, we all can’t wait until the wedding at the end of the month, where we get to do it all again plus some. It’s going to be awesome.

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