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Face mists are the fastest growing collection of products to take up residence in my beauty drawer.

But they are just so fun to have. I love a good spritz post moisturizing. I love the way they all smell so refreshingly lovely. I love to sometimes purposely overdo it, requiring that I rub it in as if lotion. Because no matter what, it is just such a nice final touch.

And while I’ve got a few different kinds that I work into rotation, this June Jacobs Neroli Hydrating Mist is one that I look forward to using when its turn is up. This one smells more pungent, more citrusy, than the others, and because it contains neroli oil, it feels like something beyond just a spray. I can tell that this one has lasting power, especially when combined with a rich night cream, as my face will still feel dewy long after its been applied. That, I appreciate.

So if you are like me and looking to add one more bottle to an ever-growing category of face mists, consider checking this one out.

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