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What is more classic than a button down shirt? Name one thing that is more important than a perfect white button down in your closet? Exactly.

Enter Jonathan Mezibov. Mezibov is a local fine tailor shirt designer who is currently operating a pop up shop located at 1421 Vine Street. At this shop, gentlemen can purchase ready-to-wear shirts in a variety of cuts and styles, all of which are classic in color and design. From tailored to slim, from western to military, there’s a cut and a style for any guy.

But what makes Mezibov really spectacular is his custom tailoring. Anyone (yes, us too ladies!) can work with Jonathan to have a custom shirt built and made to individual specifications and style. I was treated to the entire experience where I walked through the process with Jonathan himself. Together, we chose the fabric, the buttons, the collar, the cuffs, the cut, the fit – the works. I had no idea how much can and should go into a perfectly crafted shirt and now I totally and completely get it. We not only talked about texture and detail, but preferred fit and general shirt-wearing style (Do I layer? Do I tuck?). That much attention to detail blew my mind.

What Jonathan Mezibov is offering is unparalleled. Between the English and Italian tailoring technique, and the personalized and individualized experience, everyone should have a Mezibov hanging in their closest at their must-have classic shirt.

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