#jacketrequired with Romualdo

I’ve got Kenny Holocher guest posing on the blog today because he got to take advantage of an awesome local campaign that every guy (and gal) needs to know about.

Romualdo Bespoke Tailoring is a near 50-year-old Madeira establishment that specializes in authentic menswear and old world tailoring. They are the spot to go to when looking for the custom suit experience. And while customizing is their niche and specialty, they also have a great selection of retail, and have recently launched another smart and sharp fashion angle.

Now guys have the opportunity to head in and consider a new and potentially different jacket style for say, a special occasion. The owners, Chris and Tim, created the #jacketrequired campaign to engage with current and new audiences in a fresh and exciting way. The campaign is designed to help guys get out of their comfort zone, try something new, and flex a little fashion muscle that they may not have otherwise. Every customer that walks in their door becomes a part of the family, and this is one way to feel even more included and involved. When I shared this idea with Kenny, he responded in true Kenny Holocher one-word, all or nothing, fashion – SOLD.

So right before we took off for Charleston, Kenny popped into Romualdo, met with Chris, and was outfitted with this statement jacket. Kenny shared that he had a pre-trip work event, so he was hoping to have something that worked with both suit slacks and denim. Upon hearing that, Chris suggested this option, and the rest was history.

Kenny’s experience with this jacket was exactly what the guys behind this concept were hoping for. For one, he got to rock this jacket in both a work and social setting. For two, the different style brought out a whole new side of Kenny. While perusing the shops on King Street one afternoon, we popped into a tailoring shop and Kenny only looked at bold blazers. And finally, when he did don the jacket, his days (and nights) were spent with him being showered with compliments. Put that all together, and I’d call it a win-win-win.

So for the gentlemen who read this blog (and I know you are out there!), you’ve got to take advantage and participate in this cool #jacketrequired campaign. Stop by Romualdo to learn more, as the team there is always looking for new guys to engage with to help share in the #jacketrequired love. And for the ladies who are here on the reg (sup girlfriends!), you should definitely share this with the men in your life. Think about how fun this would be with the holiday season upon us. We are always out there treating ourselves with duds for special events, why not elbow our arm candy and say “let’s try something new, huh!” We’ll all thank each other later.

Big thank you to the team behind Romualdo for allowing Kenny to try this one out, and make sure to hop on over to Instagram to see other #jacketrequired gentlemen doing their thing.

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