j.crew factory #denimdays recap

Despite the dreary cold rain that lingered all evening, the J.Crew Factory Denim Days event last Thursday was a totally solid one.

Again, there was the most impressive cheese, meats, and pickled vegetable spread from The Rhined, a bartender set square in the center of the store, serving up reds and whites aplenty, jeans being donated to an awesome cause, and many of us walking out with a new pair or two.

For those of you who did make it out, THANK YOU! It was so fun meeting and gabbing and getting to know you! And to all those on the J.Crew side of things, THANK YOU for being cool and excited and so down to have me out! I sincerely enjoyed myself.

I think shopping with wine in hand should always be a thing…

This cool and edgy gray wash is what I ended going with. And I’m excited to add these jeans to my almost exclusively blue mix.

I also just shared this one to Instagram, but I can’t stop thinking about the coziness of that pullover. I walked out without it but I am thinking I need to go back…

Again, in the end, the whole evening was an honest blast. Easy, cheesy, blue jeansy, and fun….what more could you ask for?

Now don’t forget that the denim special is running through the end of the month, so there is still time to donate to receive $20 off a new pair!

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