in and unfit

Staying in and being unfit is not my plan for 2017, as I am with everyone else – feeling the energy and the promise of a healthy, fruitful year – but it was exactly how we said goodbye to 2016.

To ring in the new year, my friends and I met up in Bloomington, Indiana (a central location since we’re all stationed in different cities, hailing as far north as Chicago and as far south as Nashville) and did nothing but hang out. We dressed exclusively in stretch pants and loungewear, donned matching pjs for the NYE evening, ate our weight in cheese and crackers, played a slew of new and old games, had a favorite products gift exchange, and threw a surprise couples shower for the two who recently got engaged.

This was exactly the kind of new year’s I have been campaigning for, and it was as perfect as I imagined. These girls are girls I don’t see often, and it is often an event that brings us together (a wedding, a shower, a Keeneland weekend). So to gather in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but be together, we were able to do the kind of quality time hanging that confirms how and why these are the kind of deep friendships that are so important to have. I left totally stuffed to the brim with food and gratitude having been able to spend the time with this special gang.

I hope that each and every one of you had the same kind of good feeling weekend and are ready to take on this new year. (And note – IN + UNFIT is the name of a blog my friend Seth has always claimed he will start as competition for this one, chronicling all the things he eats on his couch in front of the tube. I want him to start it so bad.)

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