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So I am getting all my under arm hair lasered off.

Why, you ask? Well, why not of course! But let me start at the beginning. I have never been one to really think and/or worry about my hair. I’ve got it and I shave it, like the rest of America. It has never really felt like an inconvenience but more so a simple fact of life. However, I have fantasized about taking care of it all indefinitely. I’ve entertained the notions that there could be things that I could do to rid myself of one of the chores of life. And then suddenly I was approached by Ideal Image to come in and try a service, and like Rafiki, I out loud said, it is time. 

Last week I went in for my first of nine treatments and let me just go ahead and rattle off all the things I am impressed by after only that one visit.

One, I didn’t have to do a single thing to prepare. I walked right in after having just shaved and they started firing away.

Two, it maybe took two minutes. The NP doing the lasering prepped me that it may take five, but I am ninety percent sure it was a minute per arm and I was done. And the whole appointment was maybe fifteen minutes tops.

Three, since having it done, I have had to barely shave once. Results have been almost that immediate. And my life already is that much easier. So far, so worth it.

Four, I’ve never been more excited to do the wave in a tank top in a crowded colosseum. My skin is already noticeable smoother and the little hair that is left is finer. High fives and waves all around.

So while I am just at the beginning of the process (and this is a process – nine treatments spread out between eight to ten week increments), I already totally get it. Even though before I would not have considered my under arm hair a nuisance, it is already so.nice. knowing it is about to be taken care of for good. Now all I can think about is all the other hair that I take care of getting the same zap-zap-zappydoo treatment…

Again, this is a long process in the making so know there will be many more updates down the road. However, if you are like me and only barely considered doing something like this, consider reaching out to either me or Ideal Image for a free consultation. Or, if you know this is something that has been on your radar, definitely reach out to Ideal Image, especially because they are generously extending an additional 15% off any current promotions, which includes things like laser hair removal, cool sculpting, Juvederm, and Botox…just tell them I sent you!

Snapping a before…saying sayonara to the little hairs.

Snapping a during…giggling with each little barely stinging shock.

And snapping some afters…because the shades were just too legit.

Nothing but a little redness, that’s all!

Again, if you have ever felt very eh about the hairs you are constantly dealing with, know I would be happy to talk more about this, and/or guide you in the right direction to head in for a free consultation at Ideal Image!

Thanks Ideal Image for the treatment and partnering on this post!

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