happy birthday harry

Harry is two today and I cannot think of a sweeter way to share that love than with the photos from Photography Inspired by TLC.

It was alluded to a few times on Instagram, but Harry and I were treated to a little mommy-and-me session and I am not sure I can express enough how much these mean to me. Honestly, for as much as I put myself in front of the camera for this blog, I am not a huge picture-taker when it comes to my personal life. Neither Kenny and I are great at capturing moments, so to have had this time set aside for some professional photos, especially of just Harry and I, is something that I now know I will be making a point to do throughout the years with the rest of the family. They are just too amazing not to have.

And now what can I say about Trisha of Photography Inspired by TLC? Other than I am blown away by what she was able to capture? I loved that all of these are both set and “posed” yet the end result product is the most natural capturing of something sweet. All are the kinds of images I want to live for eternity in frames around our house and I look forward to looking on these fondly for years and years and years to come.

The session also included some solo maternity shots, but I am going to save those for their own post. Even those are super special to me as this should be it for our family. I didn’t do any official maternity photos with Harry’s pregnancy because I didn’t think I needed them. But now having some with this second one, I totally get the point and value, and urge you to consider the same (if you happen to be in the same boat).

And now to Harry, who is two today (although if you ask him, he’s nine).

You have been, and continue to be, the absolute nicest. You still have that go-with-the-flow charm, while also flexing that two-year-old muscle, which is totally normal and to be expected (although I could do without the Wrestlemania match that is putting you into your carseat when you’d rather be collecting rocks from the neighbor’s yard). You love peanut butter and hummus straight from the jar, and totally, diligently, and actually insist on watching the Golf Network when given the choice. You already exhibit an awesome sense of empathy and your sense of humor is sharp and spot on.

So keep being cool (and don’t tell your dad about the Nutter Butters I treat you to more often than not…).

Also, and this is probably the most important, but there is a surprise element that comes with this session that I personally will forever be grateful for. Trisha creates a slideshow of the images of the session, which includes some video that she secretly takes throughout the evening.

Per her suggestion, I watched it before checking out the images, and upon finishing, I was wiping tears off my face, only to look over and see Kenny doing the same. I’m not kidding, the slideshow is a game-changer. It not only captured everything special, but reminded us both what is really important in life. I’ll be watching on repeat today while trying to keep it together (yeah right).

If it isn’t already obvious, I cannot recommend Trisha enough. This was such a fun opportunity and session and the images that she so perfectly captured are a gift that I will forever appreciate. All the way around, just so so special.

Trisha – I owe you the biggest and most gracious thanks for capturing this all for us…it truly means the world.

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    Happy Birthday sweet sweet Harry!

    Katie, thank you *so* for the kind words!! <3

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